The Top 4 Benefits of On-Premise Document Viewing 

 August 16, 2022

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Individuals and businesses are embracing paperless files to decongest their offices, access and share files easily, and edit documents faster. Most people store files in the cloud, access them remotely from different devices, and edit and share them with their team in real-time. About 50% of businesses and organizations prefer cloud storage to share files easily. This, however, doesn’t make on-premise storage completely irrelevant.


Each business or institution requires privacy, and storing their files in an on-premise system is more secure than cloud storage. For example, after updating your company’s financial records on a PDF editor, saving it to your company server minimizes its exposure to malicious persons.


Before you choose a data storage system for your personal or organizational files, you have more to learn about on-premise document viewing and why it is crucial for your data safety. We have outlined four benefits of investing in an on-premise server for your organization in this post. Read on and learn more.



It is crucial to maintain control over your personal, business, or institutional data. Competitors and malicious parties can use sensitive data in your database to harm your business or access your secrets. Whenever you update your files on a PDF viewer, save it to your on-premise system to minimize access to the wrong people.


An on-premise storage system doesn’t have to be expensive, your tablet, desktop, mobile device, or company server are the common areas to store documents after modifying them on a PDF reader. However, you can not prevent your staff and business partners from sharing your business documents with outsiders. Still, you can keep your information secure by incorporating a markup language into your PDF opener like HTML5.


Google PDF viewer is one of the best PDF viewer for Android because it allows you to choose the right storage for your documents after editing. Furthermore, you can grant access to your files without editing permission to prevent viewers from altering the data in the docs.



A PDF file reader has security features such as passwords, signature encryption, and access permission. These features help protect your business data from unauthorized access and sharing. Still, hackers and online fraudsters can find a way to access your documents and use them against your company. Investing in a private server for your company files helps you keep hackers at bay and prevent outsiders from accessing your information.


To enhance your business data security, you should integrate a PDF file reader to the API on your server. This will add AES bits to your text which require any person accessing the file to use secret keys.


Creating an on-premise data storage system for your company enables you to incorporate security features into the system, such as firewalls, strong passwords, regular data, program updates, and antivirus protection. All these actions can help you keep your data safe and accessible to authorized persons only, unlike cloud storage, where you rely on the document reader’s security features.


The above actions protect your data in the following ways.

  • Firewalls: They shield your company server or storage system against unauthorized entry of new data and prevent information in your system from unauthorized sharing.
  • Strong passwords: comprises a minimum of eight characters, among them uppercase letters, lower case letters, numerals, and symbols. Using strong passwords for your company laptops, desktops, and other devices makes it difficult for outsiders to access your data.
  • Regular data and program update: Helps you to keep your data up-to-date without exposing it to outsiders. You should also keep your system programs updated to prevent hackers and ex-employee from accessing files without permission.
  • Antivirus protection: helps in detecting unauthorized codes to your device and prevents malware from damaging your computer and other electronic devices.


Before you choose a storage system for your company data, you should comply with all the data storage requirements. They include disclosure, privacy policy, encryption and anonymity, and data protection. Meeting all these requirements is expensive, especially if you store data in the cloud. You can minimize this cost by investing in an on-premise document viewing system,


Your customers need access to your data to know what kind of information you collect from them and how secure it is. Allowing them to view your files through a PDF reader online in your system is cheaper than keeping the same data stored in the cloud securely. Furthermore, you can make the information accessible through the Google PDF reader because it keeps the file viewers anonymous.


The best PDF viewer online, such as Lumin PDF, allows access to your data across different platforms such as PCs, tablets, and mobile phones. This saves the compliance cost while keeping the documents in your servers secure.


Speed & Accessibility

The data you store in your company system is more accessible and easy to retrieve than one stored in the cloud. For example, you need a strong internet connection to access files in the cloud on a PDF viewer Android and other devices. Your company server, however, is accessible even without an internet connection.


This enables you to fill and sign documents on your best PDF reader offline and serve your customers in real-time. Moreover, some file readers, such as the PDF Expert app for Mac, will enable your staff and customers to view files from their iPhones without compromising their security.


Accessing files from your server is faster since the number of users is limited, unlike the cloud, where your team may experience delays when too many users log onto the server. To improve workflow in your organization, you can create and view files through a fine reader such as PDF expert pro.


Final Thoughts

Keeping your company data secure is essential and adopting an on-premise document viewing system is the best way to achieve this. The best PDF reader for your server should have a simple user interface and be affordable. The PDF expert price, for example, is about $7 per month, and it has security features to keep your data protected. Many file readers are in the market for your company’s data storage system. Invest in the cheapest and most convenient today.

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