What is the best time to invest in SAND Token? 

 February 14, 2022

Sandbox is a tangible token, an online experience that allows users to buy trade and create non-fungible (NFTS) tokens. The year 2022 is the best time to invest in this currency because it is at its lowest price and has the potential to rise higher than previous ones. According to sources, by the end of the year, the price might be about $15.89 USD.

What Is the Sandbox (SAND)?

The Sandbox is a blockchain-based virtual world created by Pixowl that allows users to create, build, purchase, and sell digital goods in the manner of a game. The Sandbox creates a decentralised platform for a healthy gaming community by combining the powers of decentralised autonomous organisations (DAO) with non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

SAND price history:

The SAND first appeared on the open market in the summer of 2020. However, the price was slightly higher than the strength of the coin, and the price declined sharply, hovering around $0.05 in the middle of the month, before recovering to $0.07018 at the end of August.Everything goes down there and spends a lot between $0.04 and $0.05 in September and early October before falling below $0.04 on October 20. 0.02894 On November 4, 2020. There were several recoveries for the rest of the year, and Tokens 2020 closed at $0.03565.


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January 2021 was a good time for Sand, which crossed the $0.10 barrier when it reached a monthly high of 140.1476 on January 21. While there were several setbacks, the month-end price represents an increase of over 130% from $0.08266. At the end of December. This is a kind of activity that means that many investors have started following the sand price predictions, which has resulted in a further increase in coin prices.

Now, the cryptocurrency market is facing a period of sustained boom. 


Sand, in its way, got caught up in operation, and February saw a further increase. It hit its highest intraday trade of $0.2136 on February 13 and continued above $0.30, reaching a monthly high of $0.3645 on February 22. It declined, but February’s last figure of 20.2179 represents one month and a monthly increase of more than 160%.

March 2021 shows that Sand is still growing. The coin reached a monthly high of 90.9327 on March 28, and the final score of 80.8293 represents a monthly increase that was almost four times. In April, however, the token failed to accelerate.

Although there will be at least one prediction of the value of the sand coins, the prediction of 1 solution to the crypto does not happen. Instead, the first day of April had a monthly high of 80.8334, followed by a slow and steady decline, with the sand coin closing 25% lower at $0.6211 a month.

Will the price of the sandbox increase?

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Today’s live The Sandbox price is $4.22 USD, with $962,734,048 USD in 24-hour trading volume. SAND to INR exchange rate is updated in real time by BuyUcoin. In the previous 24 hours, the Sandbox has gained 6.88 percent. With a live market cap of $4,489,635,088 USD, CoinMarketCap now ranks #35. There are 1,063,319,452 SAND coins in circulation, with a total quantity of 3,000,000,000 SAND coins. If you’re looking for a place to buy SAND in India, BuyUcoin is currently the most popular cryptocurrency exchange for trading in The Sandbox.

However, it is worth noting that it has recently reached a full-time high, and it remains to be seen whether it will be able to keep up. Either way, you have to do your research before investing.


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Should I invest in Sand?

If you are a game player and you like the idea of ​​making and selling your own NFT, then there must be something touristy in the SAND. However, keep in mind that it is unlikely that you will be able to buy a Lamborghini with your investment results.  Wallet investor predicts SAND can be a beneficial investment option if you are looking for virtual currencies with a high return. At 2022-02-15, the Sandbox price was 4.272 USD. If you purchase The Sandbox today for $100, you will receive a total of 23.410 SAND. According to our projections, a long-term growth is projected, with a price forecast of 39.503 US Dollars for 2027-02-13. The revenue is estimated to be roughly +824.7 percent after a 5-year investment. In 2027, your current $100 investment may be worth $924.7.


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At the end of the coin, it was said that the currency would increase in the coming years as traders expect that the company will cooperate with many companies and will also invest in different companies for more return of this coin. Sand has recently become quite attractive due to playing games on the blockchain trend. In addition, our sand price forecasts will help you make the right decisions about how much to invest in coins.

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